Tremack Holdings Sdn. Bhd., since 1980, has been a pioneer in providing Precise Lubrication Engineering solutions to our industrial customers. Tremack Holdings is also the original founder, pioneer and creator of the ‘Ultimate Grease Menu’ a quick guide to help users of grease to minimise wrong grease selection in order to reduce catastrophic failures for bearings. A successful partnership with a world renown German grease and lubricants manufacturer, Carl Bechem GmbH since 1986 ensured that TREMACK developed in a world class company in providing reliable special grease and oil products in Malaysia and Asia.

In 1993, Tremack became the sole distributor for OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH in Malaysia, a pioneer of MoS2 lubricant technology as well as a manufacturer of specialty high temperature pastes, corrosion protection and maintenance products. In 2008, the company had expanded from their current range of high performance lubricants for industrial applications, by partnering with one of the world’s leading oil company, Q8 Oils.

In 2015, Tremack (S) Pte. Ltd. has been incorporated to provide faster and a more efficient way to serve customers’ needs located in Singapore. A year later in 2016, Tremack partnered with Ultrachem Inc, USA to promote specially formulated compressor oils and premium grade lubricants to the market.

In order to achieve our life-long dream of becoming a Total Solutions Provider in the field of lubrication, we partnered with INTZA Lubrication systems in 2018, a company with 40 years of experience in providing highly advanced, simple in handling and robust lubrication systems for various application sectors.



With a view for providing the most precise right grease and oil for customers, we stock the largest variety of high technology greases and synthetic oils for all types of industry in Malaysia.


TREMACK introduced into Malaysia the ‘Tribology Concept’ on how to determine the correct type of grease to be used for the right application. According to our technical ‘know how’, the right type of grease, supplied to the friction points at exact quantities and at the right time will drastically reduce operation costs and ‘downtime’. We strive to provide excellent technical support in this field, besides supplying original genuine imported lubrication products.


To provide this, we have well trained engineers, managers, technicians in our employment who are Certified Lubrication Engineers (CLS, USA) and ICML (International Council Machinery Lubrication). We ensure all your lubrication needs are met.