At Tremack, we have in our program highly specialised lubrication and maintenance seminars designed to assist our customers to save unnecessary costs from frequent machine breakdowns. These seminars are dedicated to improve ‘Tribological’ knowledge of your maintenance staff. With the knowledge attained, our customers are now able to solve day to day lubrication related issues, in the most cost effective way.

Tremack has in its employment, a CLS (Certified Lubrication Specialist) personnel and also well trained ICML (International Council Machinery Lubrication) technical engineers all over Malaysia that you can trust your lubrication problems with! We offer ‘In-house’ seminars to our loyal customers, which solves the hassle to search for a feasible venue. Also, our seminars are designed to cover the widest of lubrication topics, from the basic fundamentals to a a more specific or advance topic.

Our seminar topics include:

  • Basics of Lubrication